T Dawn Discount – Fan Favorites

You have found my secret link that can not be found off my main page. You must have found an interest in either purchasing or listening to my music, that is what you are here. I want to say, “thank you” by offering you deals. When you purchase my music, it lets me know that my music is worth buying. I have put together five songs that are T Dawn fan (Starlights) favorites. You can purchase all five for $3.00.

After you select the album, click “buy now” then you will be directed to VibeNation Pay Pal option. Click on Pay Pal and make your payment. After payment you will receive an email from VibeNation along with a link to download my song(s).

I choose this option because all monies go to me, no iTunes involved. They take a portion of the costs from artists every time you by from there.


If you are interested in more song you can click on Music on my page and hear what else I have.  Thank you for taking the time out to let me know I am doing my job of creating great music to share to the world!

Love, T Dawn