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It’s time to treat the fans, my Starlights to some goodies. This is your FREE pre-release download of my song, “Synchronize.”  I have provided you with some information about the song below, along with lyrics.  You will only find this song right here. It has not been released yet so you are the first to have it then it will be officially released within the next few weeks.

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About the song: This song has a lot of hidden messages, some of which are from my own personal experiences. I have always been a firm believer that the mind is a very powerful tool. Not only do we use it to for our everyday thought process but we also can you it to channel thoughts to someone else. That’s what this song is about.

Mood: A bit dark, mystical, and twisted

Genre: Alternative Rock

The Lyrics:


Channel my thoughts into your thoughts
See things through your eyes

Synchronize the serenity
it opens doors to possibilities
Take the lock from my heart
stepping in and stepping out
Synchronize the insanity
left or right which way do I go

Synchronize not tantalize

Flip the switch the game is on
turning blue
the Cobalt is on you
Channel my thoughts in your thoughts
See the things through your eyes
Synchronize the serenity
and it opens doors to the possibilities

Flip the switch
pull the plug
which way is left or right

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